July 1, 2013

Hydrate your situation...preserve your sexy.

I think pretty much everyone knows that you should drink more water. But I have to say, hydration never really seemed like a truly crucial issue to me, until I got the stomach flu in the middle of a Middle East summer.

Last week I caught a bug (or ate something bad) and spent three days in bed/the bathroom. Now, if you've ever been stricken with food poisoning/stomach flu, you know that water does NOT help things. The only thing I really 'consumed' was Coke, and after 48 hours small bits of bread. 

You don't need all the details, but the new experience I had in all of this was being severely dehydrated.
On Wednesday, when my troubles began, I went to work in the morning. This means that I left my house at 8am (when it's already 75 degrees and humid) and immediately began sweating. But I couldn't drink water. It did not sit well. By 11am when I called it, left work, and headed home I had a fever, so I was cold, but it was 90 degrees outside, so I was sweating. I got home and took a shower, nursed a bottle of Coke, but all I wanted was water. I have never been more thirsty in my life.

Granted, this situation is far from an emergency, I was not dying of thirst in the Sahara. But I wanted water like I was, and I knew I couldn't drink any. 

The long and short of it is, now that my body is back to normal, I'm drinking as much water as I can at every opportunity I get. I have never (not even after almost 2 years here in Israel) been more aware that hydration is key. It is basic. It is the number one need any of us have. 

So folks, wherever you are...take a sip of water. Be grateful that you have enough whenever you want it, and keep your situation hydrated.

June 24, 2013

Why can't every weekend be like this?

The way every day should end...
In the last two weeks the weather here in Tel Aviv has shifted from "summer" to "I'm melting."
Which basically means that you sweat standing still in the shade at 8am.
So, to beat the heat and mark the arrival of real summer in Israel...
we went camping on the beach last weekend.

The tent city.

I have to say, Israelis just get how to do summer.
After a quick drive to less-crowded beaches north of Tel Aviv, Itzik and his man-friends took less than 30 min to set up a large common tent, a kitchen, a small tent city, and the relaxing began.

Not bad for the first thing you see when you wake up on a Saturday morning...

Waitin' for Mom to wake up.
We spent Friday night and Saturday grilling, drinking, swimming, drinking, eating, drinking...you get it.
It never ceases to amaze me how remarkably peaceful it is if you just get a stone's throw outside of Tel Aviv.
Steak, drinks, bonfires, friends, soft sand, and the Mediterranean Sea...
this is summer done right.

June 16, 2013

I'm obsessed with my dad.

There are few relationships more special than that of a father and daughter.
I tried to write something which accurately captured just how important and special my dad is to me
but nothing really seemed right-
 there aren't words true or unique or beautiful enough.


You're my best friend, a tough teacher, 
and a living example of what it means to do your best 
and love with everything you've got. 
Thanks for your sense of humor, for your forgiveness, for your unwavering belief in me.
You are everything to me.
I miss you every day I'm not with you
 and I love you more than you'll ever know.


June 12, 2013

Owning #catsonwheels

A few months ago I shared with you my love of Instagram 
and my fear/disdain/fascination with the cats which rule the streets of Tel Aviv.
Well, nothing's changed. The little buggers are as strong as ever and today
I'm sharing some of my favortie #catsonwheels moments as of late.

Saw this guy twice.

...and this is just a sampling. 

June 9, 2013

Israeli pride.

This weekend marked the summit of Gay Pride celebrations in cities around the world, and while Tel Aviv is no exception...I believe that Israel's Gay Pride celebration is exceptional. 
Exceptional because Tel Aviv is one of the hottest party cities on the globe, 
and when the gays get involved it only turns the party volume up. 
Noteworthy because Israel is the only country in the whole of the Middle East where it is legal to be gay- where you can be a gay individual openly and not fear for your life. 
Remember that next time you hear Israel called an 'apartheid state.' 

Friday's Pride Parade and subsequent four-hour beach party drew tens of thousands of people from around the world into this little city. They all marched past my apartment around 1pm, and straight down to Gordon Beach where they partied and celebrated the human rights haven that Israel's democracy (the only democracy in this part of the world) promises to minorities of every ilk. 
It makes me straight up proud to be living in Israel. 

Oh, and I have to show you how my favorite bakery celebrated Gay Pride: a funfetti cupcake.
NOLA American Bakery on Dizengoff- always a good decision.